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ISCF-USA, International School of Central Florida, and ICU - International Christian University, an American educational institution, duly registered with the Florida Department of Education, with the Independent Education Commission 1006.06 (1) (f), internal regime 6E- 5.001, headquartered in the state of Florida, USA.

As we are registered with the Florida Department of Education's Independent Education Commission, we are not required to have a license to carry out activities in the area of ​​continuing education and Postgraduate, Masters and Doctorate courses.


We offer, in the Portuguese language, the most varied courses distributed in extension and continuing education programs serving Brazilians, anywhere in the world, who have the intention and the desire to acquire academic knowledge

and their American Diploma and, in partnership with Universities in Brazil, our students also have Brazilian certification, that is, the double Certification / Diploma, valid in the USA and Brazil.

Our courses are administered online, through the most modern teaching platforms, bringing the best, modern and innovative to our students.

ISCF - USA, is an institution participating in the incubator program at UCF - University of Central Florida. Our diplomas are notarized and certified by the Cartório BRASIL LLC, with the Florida Secretary of State, in the USA.

Make the difference! BE THE DIFFERENCE!

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