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COURSE PROPOSAL: The world economy continues to evolve, as do the requirements for business management. The Applied Administration in Business Management course is a powerful and transformative learning experience that explores best management practices and the latest strategic trends on how to sustain a long-term competitive advantage. The student of this program will leave him a manager equipped with business expertise and a global perspective that will take his career and his organization to the next level of success.

COURSE OBJECTIVE: To deepen specific knowledge related to the skills of professionals working in the areas of Administration and Business Management, enabling them with the tools for managerial decision making with a strategic view of the business, providing participants with a systemic and comprehensive view of activities of managers and basic functions of the organization, at the business level, which will allow the student to know and analyze the conditions of a competitive business environment and its relationships with the environment.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Professionals from different areas of knowledge who are interested in developing specific theoretical and technical knowledge in business management and who intend to assume executive positions, as well as those who have held them for some time, but who wish to update and recycle their their knowledge.



  • Didactics in Higher Education

  • Scientific research methodology

  • Course Completion Orientation and Work (TCC)

  • People in the Change Process

  • Cost and Finance Management

  • Social Psychology in Organizations

  • Strategic Management and Marketing Practices

  • Corporate governance

  • Pricing

  • Balance Sheet Analysis

  • Career Management

  • Final Project - Course Conclusion Paper

KNOWLEDGE AREA: Administration and Business

COMPOSITION OF TEACHING MATERIAL: Material written in PDF and Video Lessons

METHODOLOGY: Postgraduate courses are 100% online, and can be done at any time and anywhere. Participation is accompanied by qualified tutors to support and evaluate pedagogical development, in addition to answering students' questions through chats and e-mails. All didactic materials (books, video classes and activities) will be made available through the multidisciplinary teaching platform - Portal do Aluno.

HOURS: 470 hs / class

COURSE DURATION: The course must be completed in a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 24 months, depending on the dedication and management of the student's study time.

CERTIFICATION: The Certificate of Completion of this Lato Sensu graduate course will be issued by ISCF-USA - International School Of Central Florida Filing Information Document Number P19000024322 and FEI / EIN Number 37-1939139, and accredited by ICU - USA - International Christian University, a religious institution registered with the Florida Department of Education and, according to the student's choice, may also receive certification in Brazil (extra cost of US $ 200, .00 to be paid at the end of the course) be issued by FACULDADE EDUCAMAIS, duly authorized by Ordinance MEC No. 1,247 / 2008, of 14/10/2008, and accredited to offer distance courses by Ordinance MEC No. 1,168 / 2018, of 11/09/2018. Both institutions meet all the requirements of Resolution N ° 01, of 06/08/2007, with certificates guaranteeing validity throughout the national territory.

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